About The Artist


The Art of Leather represents an odyssey of 50+ years in the pursuit of mastery, fusing original fine art and unparalleled leather craftsmanship.   Our tradition has always combined art and functional objects.   Our art is original, one-of-a-kind, creations incorporating drawing, carving, sculpture and painting into representations that are culturally resonant and stunningly beautiful.   Each piece features powerfully engaging imagery, immaculate detail, and vibrant colors worthy of art gallery exhibition.   Our Art moves off the wall and onto time tested, durable, detailed leather accessories.  We have created, through our wearable art, a global traveling art exhibition, inviting you, through your purchase to become a collector and exhibitor, sharing art-in-motion wherever you flow in the world.  

Not all bags are created equal.  Most bags, even the well known designer name brands are manufactured in China, by the tens of thousands, and begin to deconstruct within a year’s time.  They are marketed and sold to give the “illusion” of status.   For some, this is enough.     Our accessories are built to last, and endure for decades.   Bags we created in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are still in daily use today.   The MARVIN SIN, Art of Leather brand represents a tradition of handcrafted excellence.  Each piece is individually created and is unique in the world.   We create to inspire, empower, and celebrate our culture and those who appreciate and respect it.

For quality, creativity, originality, and value, we are unparalleled.  MARVIN SIN: Truly One-of-a-Kind.